Hi, I’m Shatadip πŸ‘‹

Productivity Coach

Here we will discover tools, strategies and insights to speed up “stuff” and be happy, like really happy πŸ™‚ 😊

About Me

I teach productivity online

I am a computer science grad, a full-stack app developer, and a former startup founder.

I create online courses related to productivity and other useful stuff on SkillShare and Udemy. But I do not have an active YouTube channel yet (as of Apr 21, 2022).

I founded an e-commerce startup called Borofy in Bengaluru, India in 2019 which rented out electronics, gadgets, furniture, electric bicycles, etc. but unfortunately, Borofy had to be shut down in September 2021 due to financial losses.

Now I make online courses to share my knowledge onΒ  different subjects e.g. Productivity, Business Management, Computer Programming etc.

Productivity apps

Below are some of the best productivity apps that I personally use and highly recommend…

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